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Earn Recurring Monthly commissions on Two Levels by sharing a High-demand product that People actually want and need.  20% recurring on level One, 5% recurring level Two.
No Cap & Low Payout Threshold. No Annual fee. Free to Join!

Watch our product demo video and see for yourself why MOF is frustrating the competition, and learn how you can earn big by sharing MOF with others.

Marketing On Fire is the leading All-In-One Marketing Automation solution that empowers anyone with the ability to easily drive targeted traffic, build high-converting Sales Funnels, Websites, Automated Webinars, and Follow-up Email Campaigns in multiple languages. No coding is required.

How it Works?


Low $25 

Get paid by PayPal for the previous month's commissions.


trial offer

We offer a variety of product plans, price points, with monthly subscriptions & free-trial offer. Earn from from your referred visitors.


Real-time tracking

iOS and Andriod App, so you can get access to accurate affiliate tracking that provides insights into your marketing results and earnings.



Lifetime cookie tracking duration gives you the opportunity to still make a sale from your referrals.

Commission Payment Details!

The MOF Two-Level Affiliate program allows you to earn generous recurring commissions on all your direct sales and the sales from your Sub-partners.

Payout Structure, Monthly Plans & Example Commissions


Payout structure

1st Level = 20% recurring commissions on all direct sales.
2nd Level = 5% recurring commissions on your sub-partner sales.


Example commissions

- Start-up membership price is $39.99/mo.  and earn up to $9.99/mo.  recurring.
- Pro Membership price is $99.99/mo.  and earn up to $24.99/mo.  recurring.
- Max Membership price is $199.99/mo.  and earn up to $49.99/mo.  recurring.


Free marketing materials & tools!

We provide you with all the training and help you need to get started. Plus, we can create exclusive offers and promotions just for you.


We provide you with:

- Free branded website
- Text link and email ads customizable eBook  giveaways 
- Email Autoresponder creative's 
- Landing Pages, sales funnels, social media ads, banner ads and more...

marketing on fire branded website

Start earning now!

There is no fee to join our Affiliate Program. We pay commissions for all sales you refer. Earn up to 25% commissions on 2 levels.


MOF Affiliate program rules overview 

To join the Marketing On Fire Affiliate Program, you’ll need to sign-up. There is no fee to join. Affiliates can not earn a commission for referring other Affiliates. Earned commissions are only generated when one of the Marketing On Fire paid Membership plans is sold to a customer, and an Affiliate earns a recurring commission from their direct sales.

This is a 2-tier commission pay-out program. Affiliates can earn commissions from Marketing On Fire paid Membership plans sold by any Affiliates they’ve directly referred to the Affiliate program. 

Affiliates cannot promote Marketing On Fire by making earnings or any income claims. It is acceptable to explain that Marketing On Fire has a 2-tier Affiliate program, but Affiliates are prohibited from making claims or implying that Affiliates can earn any amount of money by using or promoting our Membership plans or products. If an Affiliate shares proof of their earned commissions, whether from using the Affiliate marketing system or from promoting our products, they must use the earnings disclosure created by Marketing On Fire. 

The MOF Earnings Disclaimer must be clearly visible on any marketing materials. 

This disclaimer is to be used is as follows:
- As with any business - your results may vary and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire. 
- There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. 
- There is no guarantees that you will earn any amount of income and you accept the risk that the earnings and income statements differ by individual. Each individual’s success depends on their background, dedication, desire and motivation. 

Any commissions paid on the monthly recurring Membership subscription for that Members first month (and commissions for Affiliates who have not been paid at least $50.00 USD) will be held for a period of 35 calendar days before becoming available for withdrawal. Once an Affiliate has been paid at least $50.00, any recurring commissions earned will be available for withdrawal after a 5-day holding period.


Here's a list of the common questions.
If you still have a question, review our Knowledge base here

Do I have to purchase anything to become an  Affiliate?

No. You can become an Affiliate without purchasing a product from Marketing On Fire. Sign up for free, start promoting our Membership plans as an Affiliate & you can earn up to 25% commissions from 2 levels.

How do I earn 
a commission?

Each time one of your direct referrals and one of your direct sub-affiliates referrals purchases any one of our Paid Membership Subscriptions from the web site, you will receive a commission based on our Tier 1 and 2 Affiliate Program. 

Who provides all of the Affiliate Promotions materials?

You do! Any subscribers you collect are 100% owned by you. Marketing On Fire doesn't have permission to contact your subscribers for any reason.

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